Alright, folks. Last post about SPX before we hit the road for the show this weekend. Here’s what you can expect to find at our tables in the back corner (AKA: “OOSA Island”).

Alexis Ziritt will be bringing prints, t-shirts, sketch cards and will be doing commissions. He may also be bringing a brand new ashcan comic he’s been working on (if he can get it finished in time).

Liz Suburbia, who will be splitting her time with us and Kevin Czap at table I1, will have her new Cyanide Milkshake zine along with some of her other comics. We’ll also be selling the OOSA shirt she designed.

Andrew MacLean will have copies of his self-published and widely acclaimed first issue of Head Lopper. He’ll be taking commissions, as well.

Toby Cypress will have prints, books and we’ll be selling the OOSA shirt he designed. FYI: SPX will be Toby’s only convention this year so you better take advantage of the opportunity.

I’ll be there helping out, too. I’ll have a bunch of original art including pieces from Alexis and Toby, as well as some from Greg Ruth and Paul Maybury.

Come see us!