You can bid on these two Rocket Raccoon pieces by OOSA artists Andrew MacLean (here) and Chris Visions (here) on eBay and help raise money for the Bill Mantlo Support Fund. You can see all of the other auctions here, as well. 


Support the NEW SOUTH KICKSTARTER!!! Bring alt-comics and lit. to AUSTIN TEXAS!!!


Support the NEW SOUTH KICKSTARTER!!! Bring alt-comics and lit. to AUSTIN TEXAS!!!

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The October issue of Pittsburgh Magazine has a big feature. It’s all online now.

This is a fantastic feature on Ed. Take the time to read it.

There are a few copies of this comic from @aziritt in the OOSA Store if you want one.

There are a few copies of this comic from @aziritt in the OOSA Store if you want one.


#SPX2014 #TimeLapse taken from the outofsteparts table.


Music- Rey: Chill 

Big thanks to creatorscomic for allowing me to record from his space! 

chrisvisions andrewmaclean 

Did you come by the OOSA booth at SPX last weekend?

Thanks to Tyler for documenting our Saturday at the show!

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We added some new prints to the OOSA Print Shop!

  • Captain Victory #2 13x19 Giclee print by Nathan Fox (Signed/#’d) $65
  • Krang 11x17 print by Alexis Ziritt (signed/#’d) $25
  • Joan 8.5x11 print by Liz Suburbia $15

We also added an 8.5x11 inch size option to a bunch of prints and made them available for only $15 each. 


SPX was incredible this year! I am still recovering from all of the incredible talent that just walked around right in front of me. SWOON.

My wife and I brought home quite a haul of books and art. I ended up being a print junkie this year. Here’s some of the awesome that will soon be hanging on my walls…

The Tortoise by Dustin Harbin
Pest Control by Andrea Kalfas
Polypheme and Odyssea bySam Bosma
Little Traveler or Explorer? (I can’t find the name!) by Natalie Andrewson

You can get the “Professional Explorer” print by our featured guest artist Natalie Andrewson in the OOSA Print Shop, but only until the end of the month.

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The fabulously weird and spooky horror short, SELFIES on, is now live and ready to be read by you, the reader. (Illo by myself)




By Chris Sims

It’s really starting to look like 2014 is the year of the giant, oversized offbeat anthology comic. Not only have we gotten books like Cosmic Scoundrels and Giant-Size Kung Fu Bible Stories, but today, Boom! Studios announced the latest offering from their creator-owned imprint, the Boom! Box 2014 Mix Tape, and it already looks amazing.

Clocking in at an oversized 8.5 x 11″, the Mix Tape is set to include a pretty impressive roster, including covers by Teen Dog creator Jake Lawrence and a new Lumberjanes story written  by Noelle Stevenson, and a new story from the award-winning team behind Adventure TimeRyan NorthShelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. And if that wasn’t enough, we have an exclusive look at character designs for four short stories by Rian Sygh, including Teen Prez, which may actually be the Sensational Character Find of 2014.

Boom! Box is, of course, the Boom! Studios imprint that brought us Midas FleshLumberjanes and Teen Dog, so I feel pretty safe in saying that they have a pretty strong track record going into a big anthology that’s meant to show off their roster of creators. That said, I’m more into these truly bonkers high concepts we’re working with here.

Sygh’s designs are for four of the stories included in the 48-page one-shot: Worst Witchesby Paul Maybury, Teen President by Eryk Donovan, Port-a-Potty by Stefan Toshef and Punk Rock Grandma by Alexis Ziritt. Yes. Punk Rock Grandma. There hasn’t been a title that great since… Well, since Teen Dog, I suppose. That one’s pretty hard to top.


"Worst Witches" by Paul Maybury?

"Punk Rock Grandma" by Alexis Ziritt?

You know this is going to be good!

A Shatterstar themed drink and draw broke out Sunday night in the hotel lobby after SPX was over. Ed Piskor just happened to have the 848 page X-Force omnibus on hand for reference, of all things. 

SPX is a strange and wonderful place where beautiful things happen.